Luo Dexiu Snippets of Wisdom

When you find ‘relax’ you will find structure. It’s like driving in a car when it is raining outside. Inside the car you are relaxed. drinking coffee, listening to the radio but people outside in the rain are going “Ahhh, I’m getting wet!” – they are distracted. Stay relaxed inside.” – Luo Dexiu Laoshi

I figure I will post some of this stuff. Luo Laoshi has taught at this point for decades and has really come up with tons of gems in terms of how he gets his point across in teaching. Hopefully, I can keep on filling in more of these as the weeks and years go by.

One difficult area to understand while practicing Asian martial arts, in general, is the idea that while movement and chaos are happening outside one’s body – whether it’s from a crook suddenly rushing in to attack you, everyday training, or something as simple as sitting meditation – on the inside of one’s body, in the mind, breath, and spirit, you should be calm and placid.

Although we can practice standing meditation, qigong, sitting meditation, etc., in fact, the whole of Baguazhang is considered a neigong practice. From year 1 of practice to year 50, you are always striving to improve both internal and external aspects of your practice. They are inseparable in the practice and application of the art.

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