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Translation of Luo Dexiu’s first website on YizongBagua

Link to Translation I did of Luo Dexiu’s Old Website

This contains more curriculum information and other verbiage that Luo Laoshi used to describe his art.

Pa Kua Chang Journal featuring Luo Dexiu and Gao style Baguazhang

The Pa Kua Chang Journal was and still is the premier resource for information about the martial art of Baguazhang. Its entire 7-year run was edited, written, and produced by Dan Miller. It featured information on the history, theory, practice, and personalities of Baguazhang throughout the world. To download the pdf file of the Pa Kua Chang Journal issue featuring a look at the history and people behind YiZong and Gao style in Taiwan please click on the link below. Permission to provide this article was provided by Dan Miller.