Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts

Internal Kung Fu in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro Area

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At Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts we are a group dedicated to the study of Baguazhang and the Internal Arts. We are passionate about training these arts for life with both short and long-term benefits. The majority of our students have trained in other martial arts before finding us, and are lifelong aficionados of the martial arts in general.

We currently have class near the Mosaic District on Tuesday night from 7-9pm and on Friday night from 8-10pm. If you are interested in class, contact me at george@zongwumen.com for more information. Please include information about yourself relevant to the martial arts so that we can see if you would be a good fit for our class.

Blog and Latest News

  • Kungfu and Consistency
    One of the most basic ways to explain the meaning of kungfu is to say: skill developed over consistent time and effort. Kungfu (gongfu in pinyin – “kungfu” is an older romanization of the word) is at the heart of … Read more
  • 打贏是真的打輸是假的
    “Da Ying Shi Zhen De, Da Shu Shi Jia De!” Rough translation: If you fight (hit) and win its real (true). If you fight and lose its fake. – This is Zhang’s response to a question from a young Hong … Read more
  • 半練半教
    One of those things that’s always giving me problems is how to balance training and teaching. I didn’t get into martial arts because I wanted to teach it. Actually, quite the opposite, there are definitely times where I enjoy being … Read more
  • Importance of Refinement and Technique
    “When crossing hands with ordinary people you do not need to use too many techniques, broad knowledge of many techniques is not refinement; the changes within a body are simply infinite. When skilled people compete in martial skills it is … Read more
  • Luo Dexiu Snippets of Wisdom
    “When you find ‘relax’ you will find structure. It’s like driving in a car when it is raining outside. Inside the car you are relaxed. drinking coffee, listening to the radio but people outside in the rain are going “Ahhh, … Read more