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  • 打贏是真的打輸是假的
    “Da Ying Shi Zhen De, Da Shu Shi Jia De!” Rough translation: If you fight (hit) and win its real (true). If you fight and lose its fake. – This is Zhang’s response to a question from a young Hong…
  • 半練半教
    One of those things that’s always giving me problems is how to balance training and teaching. I didn’t get into martial arts because I wanted to teach it. Actually, quite the opposite, there are definitely times where I enjoy being…
  • Importance of Refinement and Technique
    “When crossing hands with ordinary people you do not need to use too many techniques, broad knowledge of many techniques is not refinement; the changes within a body are simply infinite. When skilled people compete in martial skills it is…
  • Luo Dexiu Snippets of Wisdom
    “When you find ‘relax’ you will find structure. It’s like driving in a car when it is raining outside. Inside the car you are relaxed. drinking coffee, listening to the radio but people outside in the rain are going “Ahhh,…
  • Hello world!
    This is a new page for Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts. I need to get my online presence updated and this is a good first step for me. My school has been going strong and consistent for years now….