Welcome to Zong Wu Men Internal Fighting Arts, we are dedicated to the study of Internal Chinese Kungfu as a living martial lineage of fighting arts. Although we teach the big three of Chinese Internal Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan) we particularly specialize in the study of Baguazhang.

Our Baguazhang is through the Yi Zong Ba Gua lineage out of Taiwan. We consider it to be a complete stand up martial art that includes the study of striking with all parts of the body, throwing, locking, movement, concepts and weapons. We spar and wrestle in a variety of manners, and do so often.


The pandemic brought many changes to our training. We are currently only training in a park in Fairfax once a week. All contact training is only with staves – a long weapon that insures social distancing. Classes are still $100 per month. We meet on Sunday mornings at around 11am.

If you would like to contact me to request to join class, please include any history you have with the martial arts and your goals in studying. You can contact me via email at george@zongwumen.com

We require our students to act in a safe and responsible manner in class. We expect everyone to train and drill with solo practice on their own time. We expect that everyone maintains a level of conditioning that will allow them to participate in class without injury (though we understand that that may take some time when beginning). Although we train with the idea of being fight oriented martial arts first, we also accept that these are wholistic martial traditions that have deeper study beyond merely training for a fight.